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Escape Room – Almost Good.

With the start of 2019 is a clean slate for the movie industry, and what happens? Movies. Obviously.

Recently (by recently, I mean a about week ago), I went got to see Escape Room early in the cinema with two others. We did get the cinema to ourselves which was quite a huge positive, and the movie was really entertaining (and stressful). Although, that’s most of the praise I had, it was an okay movie with good actors and neat graphics, but the plot was really confusing.

🛑 Spoilers ahead! 🛑 

Plot: The movie starts off with a montage of the characters Zoey, Ben and Jason trying to open some sort of box which is actually a clue hinting at how they should head to the building where the escape room is held. Already slightly confusing, I know. They go inside the headquarters and this is when the worst part happens, out of the whole movie. “You can’t be twittering the clues.” Who says twittering? Anyhow, Zoey, Ben & Jason arrive at the room where the rest of the protagonists are introduced: Amanda, Mike & Danny. Just have to point this out, everyone is a stereotype. Then the room turns into an oven and holy crap war flashback wait what is happening? That’s exactly what I was thinking. They all survive and end up in this cozy cabin/lodge, and Ben gets triggered reading the reindeer heads on the wall, because he apparently crashed his car and killed his friends listening to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? They end up opening the cabins door, and huzzah, there on frozen ice. They find out the water goes down extraordinarily deep, which is quite a red flag already, but they still are like: “Nah dude, let’s stay out here, fall through the ice & die bro!” Well, Danny (the nerd kid) dies. It honestly was like opening my third eye watching the movie, I was like: “It’s gonna be like this I guess.”  They end up in an upside down bar type place, they play deadly musical chairs & Amanda dies. The surviving few (Zoey, Ben, Jason and Mike) end up in a hospital where it is shown they’ve gone through quite the trauma. Mike dies for no reason, sadly. Zoey goes insane and destroys cameras while Ben is trying to revive Mike and Jason is trying to get his heart-rate up. Yep, this is Escape Room in a nutshell. Zoey ends up dead, the person I thought would be the final girl, and Ben and Jason move onto the final room, which is the trippiest scene out of the movie. Jason dies, Ben moves on and confronts the man behind the Escape Room while cleanup is happening everywhere else. Zoey then miraculously comes to life, even though she wasn’t even dead in the first place. Ben and Zoey kill the game-master and that’s pretty much it. Nope, this is where it gets corporate. Zoey tells Ben many years later, or months later, who knows, that there is more people behind the Escape Room. Wow. Leaving room for sequels.

6/10, Mediocre. Entertaining but irritating. Corporations ruin everything.

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