The Ice Cream Debate

On my old website (stellarsiteofmanymoons.wordpress.com) I made an article on what the best Ice cream is. Personally, I still think it’s cotton candy. But I’m going to approach this differently, I’m going to find everyone’s favorite ice cream and what they like in ice cream through google. But mostly everyone said the vast variety, that’s no help. After all, I’m trying to find the best ice cream.

Don’t like chocolate? Not a fan of vanilla? Maybe you’re not that into fruit-flavored ice cream? Maybe you only eat mochi ice cream? No matter what you like, there’s an ice cream flavor out there for you. -www.mymomochi.com

But taste is also affected by visuals, for example: I was scared to try humus because it looked strange, look at me now- I am humus! Here’s someones thought on Ice cream and how it’s affected by visuals.

It’s just so pretty to look at. When it comes to food, I highly value both the taste and the visual appeal of it. –Jasmine Nguyen, Humanitarian at Vietnamese Ethnicity and People

Based off that, we have to exclude Bubblegum Ice cream. There’s something about bubble gum Ice cream that’s just “no”. Another HUGE factor in ice cream being good is, yes, flavor. Don’t get me started on the strange flavors of ice cream such as bacon and lobster. But I think everyone can agree that vanilla is good. Who doesn’t like vanilla?
I’ve been wanting to bring this up, custard is better, end of argument.


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